Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi: Painter, Sculptor, Macabre Artist.

His art, its most pervading purpose being to 'expose the fallecies of Man' is very very rich and complex. He describes his favorite style of art as Surreal, Symbolism, and Macabre.
His works are often philosophical. He has a dislike for American pop culture, materialism and frivolousness.
Here's a quote from the biography on his website: "Yet, Kris’ work is about a new wilderness, refined and elevated, visualized as a cultivation emerging from the corrupt and demoralized fall of modern-day society. A place were new beginnings, new wars, new philosophies, and new endings exist."
I would not consider myself as being apart of the American pop culture and I don't suscribe to certain ways of the world.
Unlike Kuksi, however, I like to consider myself very much apart of American today, the world today and I have little interest in the sort of phoenix story of society. When man 'falls' he will be dust and he can't create a rebirth for himself. Man is not that powerful.
So the meaning of Kuksi's art wasn't the thing that attracted me to it. That's not to say I wasn't drawn by them by their physicality. His sculptures are arresting!
There is this super heavy atmosphere created by them, like they are their own civilization and they are something to behold. Perhaps like a tomb, a ruin, a church, something that deserves reverance. He treats 'macabre' the dark, disturbing, scary, grusome, and subject of death as beautiful. Macabre is French for 'dance of death' And his peices are intensly beautiful. I like to dabble in macabre a little as well.

The picture above, on the top left of the post is titled, Plague Parade. I have a good story behind this. I first saw it on the 27th of June when it was awarded a 'Daily Deviation' on My jaw dropped. I loved it. I was beautiful beautiful traveling death. Anyway, I didn't really file away Kuksi's name, and didn't investigate him futher, so my knowledge of his work was limited to this one piece.

When I went to Gallery 5 on the 5th of October I saw a kinetic sculpture. (the very first picture at top) I was like, 'hey, I feel like I've seen work like this before.' I took a picture.

When I got home I researched Kuksi and voila, he was the artist that made the Plague Parade.

I blinked a few time. I was in complete awe that I'd gotten to see one of his peices in person.

I got to see a Kris Kuksi in person and I didn't even know that I wanted to at the time.

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