Friday, September 25, 2009

James Lee and Hania Lee

Just a couple of people who happened to make an engaging animated short film with a fresh style, really really satisfying music and totally adorable narrator. I love this animtation.

Lee Bontecou

There's something so wonderful and sci-fi about what Bonteou does. She makes mobils and hangs alot of her sculptures on the walls like paintings.
I could swear that her drawings look like very well done versions of what almost every high school/middle school student does on the back of their notebooks.

Folkert Dejong

The Dance - Balthazar G (detail) 2008

I started my sculpture project course and am very interested to start using styrofoam as a medium.

Spencer Finch

I attened Spencer Finch's lecture in the Student Commons Theater on Thursday at 2 pm.

I was (and I think everyone) was amazed by his painstaking efforts to reproduce exact color of light in his work.

Even measure color of the night sky, painting it with mars black, voilet, cobalt, white, measureing that and creating a light blulb instillaton made to look like the molecle of the exact color.

My two favorite peices of his were 1. the colored solor powered hanging lights made to represent the stars in our galaxy and 2. his rorschah images of colors he'd seen in his dreams.

I generally don't look into highly conceptual artists, but I liked his thoughts on memory and 'seeing'.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeff Simpson

Candian artist very proficient in Photoshop.
Can be found on CGhub, dA, and his personal website:
Simpson is so apart of my art cannon. I love his work.

Janet Fish

Two jars hot pepper pickles 1970, oil on canvas.
I studied Fish last year, but never did any still life studies to implement what I saw in her work.
Nevertheless, I love her glass and the seperation of colors. Edges are accentuated.
Even though she never influenced the way I paint at least on a conscience state, Fish has greatly influnced the way I observe, the way I see when I look at things with the purpose of drawing or painting them. She paints from life, but waits for ideal light on each section of a still life for example. She waits for this ideal nature light and paints it as soon as she sees it. Her work is not hyper-realism, but there is an exageration to it that couldn't be done in a photograph.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vittorio Storaro

An Italian cinematographer. He went to the film school, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. He worked on films such as The Last Emperor, Apocalyse Now, The Conformist and others.

Often collaborated with director, Bernardo Bertolucci.

The movie I am most interested in is The Last Emperor because of Storaro's use of color psycology. He was inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's theory of colors, and used color to show the stages of the life of Puyi.

Andy Goldsworthy

Cracked earth removed 1986

Snow and stone arch 1986

Cornelia Parker

Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View 1991Mixed media.

"I resurrect things that have been killed off... My work is all about the potential of materials - even when it looks like they've lost all possibilities." -cornelia parker.

Robert Gober

Drain 1989, cast pewter.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sterling Clinton Hundley

I went to go see local Hundley's work at Ghostprint Gallery 220 West Broad Street on first friday (Sep. 5)
It was great to see his work, I only wish I would've brought my camera, that is if cameras were allowed.
He's great. He paints tiny little abstract paintings. A ton of them. And then arranges them to form a single representational painting.
I was even more happy to find his blogspot with him talking about his process and the meaning of his works.

Aaron Lifferth

Does some wonderful little oil paintings of fruit and glass.

So simple and delicious.

I happened across him while looking at other artist's blogs.

Basia Konczarek

Another Polish illustrator.

Ryohei Hase

A freelance illustrator based in Tokyo Japan.

He graduated the Tama Art University in Tokyo Japan and has worked for Bandai Namco games.

He's done a series of pieces about chaotic conflict with animal-headed humans and full animals. I love his work because it is frightening. It is phychologically very scary. Even though there are lots of animals in his work, they are more about torment inside the mind

Ryohei Hase's website:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jakub Kujawa

Jakub Kujawa jakub kujawa! jakub kujawa! I wish I could post every picture he has ever created.

Jakub is a brilliant painter/illustrator from Poland.

His illustrations are mostly digital art scifi or fantasy.

He does very loose oil paintings of portraits, hands, feet, bodies with a strong emotion running through.

His oil is so loose that it almost looks like the painting cannot hold itself togther.
And his painting style suits the cold, clamy dispair
this oil sketch to the right, 'Marta sketch'.
I love how he paints with cool grays, blue, purple, pink
while still making the skin very flesh like.

Another thing he likes to do is extreme poses that distort the body. Like hands pressing hard against the face, hands clasping each other behind the back and all kinds of scrunched up positions.

His paintings are not comforing or plesent, but they are raw. raw emotion, raw oil. It sounds cliche, but I could look at them for hours.

Jakub's website:

Nailone, Jakub's dA account:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Paolo Domeniconi

Fratello Krishna - Perle Indiane - Satyagraha Onlus

Storie dei cieli del mondo.

Paolo Domeniconi is an Italian illustrator. But beyond that, I do not know much about him, because his website is written in italian.
All I know is that I deeply appriciate his style in drawing people, his bright contrasting hues, and his really gorgeous fuzziness to his illustrations.

He paints digitally, but imitates real canvas.


Sil van der Woerd and Lolly Blue Jane

A surreal filmmaker.

Above are screenshots of Sil's White Swan

Sil is a director from the Netherlands.

He has studied at Artez Institute of the arts in Arnhem, Netherlands and Gnomon, School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

Since his making of the short, Worms, and collaberation with the singer, Lolly Blue Jane he started making very visual films around song. Basically music videos. His vidoes utilize many different disciplines across the art spectrum including: music, dance, fashion, animation, computer generated images, and more I'm probably forgeting. There are so many layers of richness that you can't help but watch them till the end.

The stories are deceptively simple. 'Duet' is about a dragonfly flying around a dancing woman. Sil's discription of his work on Youtube: "Modern and classical merge in a sky-blue scenery at the first peep of dawn..." How in the world this is ment to be interpreted is based on the viewer.

There was one interpretation I was not aware of untill I read the comment of a user by the name


". . . the girl is making the dance choreograpnhy look beautiful because it's a result of her trying to avoid the getting stung by the fly, however in the fly's perspective, he can't touch her because she is dancing. But her perspective is "avoidance". She the question is, who's the master of their art? the girl or the fly?"

Conversations about Sil's work could go on and on and that is what I really like about it. His visuals are phenomenal and well coupled with the music. And no matter what story he is telling it has you pondering the meaning and psychology of it long after watching.

Lolly Jane Blue is the singer/actress/character in 'Worms' and 'White Swan'