Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jakub Kujawa

Jakub Kujawa jakub kujawa! jakub kujawa! I wish I could post every picture he has ever created.

Jakub is a brilliant painter/illustrator from Poland.

His illustrations are mostly digital art scifi or fantasy.

He does very loose oil paintings of portraits, hands, feet, bodies with a strong emotion running through.

His oil is so loose that it almost looks like the painting cannot hold itself togther.
And his painting style suits the cold, clamy dispair
this oil sketch to the right, 'Marta sketch'.
I love how he paints with cool grays, blue, purple, pink
while still making the skin very flesh like.

Another thing he likes to do is extreme poses that distort the body. Like hands pressing hard against the face, hands clasping each other behind the back and all kinds of scrunched up positions.

His paintings are not comforing or plesent, but they are raw. raw emotion, raw oil. It sounds cliche, but I could look at them for hours.

Jakub's website:

Nailone, Jakub's dA account:

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